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Quality First...

The quality of the product is the key in a competitive and fast paced market. Having a good Quality Control Unit not only helps deliver a stable product but also helps reduce the overall maintenance cost.

Aftek understands the importance of delivering a good and stable product. Aftek has a dedicated Quality Control group that not only focuses on delivering a high-class quality product but also thrives on creating frameworks and best practices; thereby ensuring that we deliver optimal results, cost effectively.

We specialize in manual testing as well as in automation testing. Aftek has made significant investments in test automation. Our teams are adept in building automation frameworks that are specific to the requirements of clients. We provide assistance in developing and executing effective and efficient automation strategy. Aftek's quality control group has extensive expertise in test management, defect management, and scripting.

The complete spectrum of Aftek testing services is depicted below:

Aftek testing services
Testing Framework
Aftek has designed a complete framework for automated application testing. It provides execution environment where one can execute test scripts for specified test cases with automatic defect reporting. The capabilities of various testing tools (like Test Link, Mantis, TestQuest, Selenium etc.) are leveraged to achieve end-to-end testing.

Aftek Testing Framework
Why Aftek?
  • Dedicated test engineers
  • Qualified with certifications such as CSTE, ISTQB, SQTL
  • Use of software tools for productivity and automation
  • Test over wire (remove connectivity)
  • Technical infrastructure for replication of test benches
  • Flexible process model
Features of Aftek Testing Framework
  • Complete Test Management
      • Requirement management
      • Test plan and test case management (manual as well as automated)
      • Test execution (manual as well as automated)
      • Provides complete traceability
      • Provides indications about release stability
  • Test execution status gets automatically updated in to the system
  • Automatic reporting of defect in to defect tracking system if the test case fails. Reopens a defect if it is already reported or avoids recording of duplicate defects
  • Automatically sends test execution status report to corresponding people
  • Completely extendible framework can be integrated with the build management system like Hudson, Cruise control etc
  • Completely extendible framework can be integrated with other defect tracking system or automated testing framework
TestQuest Pro
Aftek has used TestQuest for testing Win CE based and Windows based devices. Automation using TestQuest provides repeatable, timely, unattended, cost-effective testing to improve quality and reduce overall quality assurance costs...