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Android provides end to end open source stack for mobile, embedded and enterprise applications. There is a natural synergy between Android stack and our core capabilities.

Aftek is focused on architecting and developing various components and frameworks over android aiming to reduce cost of development and enabling faster ROI.

Mobile devices became pervasive objects as soon as people used mobile phones, smart phones and PDAs anywhere and at anytime. Mobile applications let people access information and act on decisions or make purchases anywhere, anytime Aftek has significant expertise in developing mobile applications including security systems, m-commerce applications, and field operations.

Quick, focused sales and customer satisfaction are two important key factors in success of an enterprise. CRM is a combination of policies and processes implemented by organization to unify its customer interaction. Aftek understands the business challenges faced by organizations and has come up with various solutions to address the same.

Find more information on expertise.aftek.com use username as "crm".

Click here for iPhone CRM demo. Use "admin" as username and password.

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