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Application Development
Standalone and distributed software applications form the core of IT initiatives in every business. Aftek has a strong background in developing applications with different flavors.
Performance & Scalability
Architecture Services
Portfolio Analysis

Software systems developed over the years need to be modified with enhancements to

  • Support new business units
  • Cater to new customers needs
  • Change the technical interface for a customer or a business partner

We can help you implement the change in an efficient manner. If you have a larger system portfolio you can leverage our discovery process. This process would help to identify and manage the impact of change.

Portal was developed to provide communication platform for students, faculty members and college staff to share information about college.
A java based application was developed to demonstrate all the capabilities of fingerprint sensor and SDK. Features such as enrollment, verification.
Table Top Media
Aftek has developed interactive pay-at-the-table functionality. This involves device application, backend application, hardware and board support package(BSP)
Friday Delivery Model

Rapid prototyping is one of the popular development models for the IT groups of many of our customers. Instant feedback, ability to manage change efficiently and complete control on the development process makes it a popular model.

Responsiveness of our developers and integration with customer teams ensures guaranteed delivery.

We call it a Friday Delivery Model as in most of the cases our teams release each iteration on every alternate Fridays.

The V Model

This classical development model is a mature process and typical for large programs.

Detailed specifications are usually available. In certain cases fair amount of project time slice is allocated towards making the specs.

This classical model also allows distributing modules / activities among distributed teams.