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Material Identification

In a large production assembly, there is an ever-present need of restocking the materials, which is expected to take place as quickly as possible to ensure a smooth production flow. Delays in searching the requisite spares, although seemingly trivial, ultimately amounts to a considerable waste of time and gives rise to fatigue in ground-level personnel, hampering the overall productivity. Surely, such energy is better spent on actual work than on searching the materials for work!

Typically, since each spare part has a unique (and long) alphanumeric number associated with it, it's next to impossible for anyone to remember it. Moreover, as these parts are stored in a kardex system or on a shelf, the search for a particular part gets even more time consuming.

One then wonders, can there be a system which eliminates the whole search procedure and directly pin-points to the requisite part as fast as possible? The answer is a resounding 'YES'!

Presenting Aftek's Material Identification System - a unique system which helps finding location of a spare part / material not by its part number or kardex number but merely by "looking" at the part itself! It consists of only a camera and PC-based software and incorporates highly advanced Image Processing techniques.

Now you can instantly get the kardex number and other required information of any spare part, without the need of trained personnel. Our system drastically reduces the time spent in manual search and eliminates errors associated with it. No more halting of production queue for a single screw!

  • Easy integration with existing kardex system
  • Instantaneous and accurate search results
  • Can be operated by anyone, eliminating the need of a trained personnel
  • Highly customizable search criteria - can be used to locate items, inventory related queries and so on
Package Contents
  • Camera
  • PC-based software
  • User guide
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