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Security Systems

Aftek has been involved in development and delivery of varied solutions involving Cryptography and PKI, from securing the embedded devices, communication protocols, Mobile security to more complex enterprise and system-level solutions for authentication, non-repudiation and confidentiality.

Aftek has provided security for implementing strict confidentiality in its various client products like secure tokens used for sensitive monetary transactions, trusted OS environment and similar other applications. We were able to provide efficient and cost effective solutions due to our in-depth knowledge in PKI based digital signature and encryption technology and integrate the solution with the existing systems.

Aftek has proven expertise in

  • Integrating digital signatures, encryption functionality in applications for securing the data for transferring from one entity to another. (PKI Enabling)
  • Interfacing and development for Smart-Card systems for security applications.
  • Providing trusted OS Environment for embedded devices for loading only authorized application which will protect devices from unsafe and unauthorized applications.
  • Securing mobile handset from theft and integrating security in mobile for protecting the private data.

DUKPT and PCI PED certification

Aftek has expertise in development of secure firmware to implement the derived unique key per transaction (DUKPT) - ANSI X9.24-2004 standard and key injection process.

Clients providing devices with debit card payment facility, need to comply with Payment Card Industry (PCI) PIN encrypted devices (PED) certification.

Aftek has implemented DUPKT for its client product which helped in extending the product services in e-commerce and carry debit transactions with financial payment gateways securely.

Aftek provides services for certification process as:

  • Firmware testing to comply to PCI Data Security Standard (DSS).
  • Test application development for validating DUKPT implementation.
  • Test application development for Secure Key Injection process.
  • Documenting recommendations and test results.
Core Competencies
  • PKI technology
  • Encryption standards And algorithms
  • Digital signatures and certificates
  • MSCAPI, Netscape security services
  • Entrust SDK
  • Crypto ++, OpenSSL JCE, JCA
  • ASN.1 tools for C/C++, Java, C#
Secure Mass Storage
Secure storage device system including smart-card compliant with JavaCard/ VISA cards and corresponding reader device...

Our profound knowledge and experience in using standards associated with each of our core competencies, enables us to provide optimal solutions to our customers.

PKI technology
  • PKIX, CMP, OCSP, PKCS #1, PKCS #5,PKCS #7/CMS,PKCS #11 - Cryptoki, PKCS #12 PFX MIME, S/MIME
Encryption standards and algorithms
  • RC2, RC4, 3DES, AES, RSA encryption X.509, LDAP
Digital signatures and certificates
  • MD5, SHA-1, RSA signing/verification (RSA private key encryption/decryption)
Client-Server applications
  • ASN.1, XML specifications
X.509 certificates
  • Certificate and RSA key-Pair generation
  • Certificate trust verification and validation using CRL, OCSP