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Mobile Testing

There has been tremendous penetration of mobile devices for consumers. Aftek provides special services for clients having touch-point applications on mobile devices. Aftek provides a wide range of testing services including device certification, compatibility testing, and functionality testing.

We specialize in compatibility testing. Aftek has developed compatibility checker toolkit. It provides faster results in compatibility tests than conventional manual testing approach. Entirely manual testing services would also be offered when requested.

We also specialize in device certification. Aftek has wide experience in certifying the devices specified by clients and arrive at the support device list. Aftek provides extra services to clients to carry out root cause analysis of defects. We also provide suggestions on fixing the defects in the software.

We steadily coordinate with the client's team and pursue the processes that are followed by our clients. Aftek has substantial processes and can deliver testing activities using agile methodology. Aftek can also help in setting the processes for the client, if required.
Compatibility Checker Tool
Comprehensive tool for confirming compatibility of your software on various devices and build supported device list.
Bluetooth Testing
Testing software provides user friendly interface to connect to remote Bluetooth keyboard, Bluetooth Mouse, Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth printer, Bluetooth enabled mobile phone and PDA.
Testing Approaches
Functional testing
  • White box testing
  • Black box testing
  • Regression testing

User acceptance testing assistance
  • Domain testing
  • Assistance to business users
  • End user simulation

Security testing
  • Authorization & access control
  • Encryption and decryption

Load, Stress testing
  • Performance testing
  • Vital parameters (memory leak, application footprint)