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Intelligent Monitoring and Detection

Aftek's Video Analytics Solutions offer intelligent monitoring and detection which enhances the efficiency of conventional surveillance systems while also strengthening its safety and security aspects. It offers face recognition, objects recognition, people or vehicle counting, loitering detection, motion detection and a number of other applications. Our system uses sophisticated computer algorithms to intelligently analyze real-time video for specific information and it can be deployed in a variety of scenarios with ease. Moreover, you can customize it as per your requirements making it a truly versatile solution.

Video Analytics Architecture


Aftek has hands-on expertise with detection and intelligent analysis of video. We have successfully developed and deployed a number of security systems such as video door phone, access control and more. Now with the focus on face detection and recognition technology, Aftek has built a flexible video analytics solution which can track specific data, behavior, objects or pattern. Covering a wide range of applications, it assuredly gives fast and accurate results.

Are your workers spending too much time in searching for the required spare parts? Aftek's Material Identification system will dramatically minimize the search time and in turn help increase the overall productivity.

Is your present attendance monitoring system capable of detecting misuses of card swipes? Do you wish to accurately determine the number of employees present on the floor at any given time? Be always in the know about this and more with Aftek's smart attendance monitoring solution.

Key Features
  • Highly scalable and easy to integrate
  • Robust and Portable
  • Light-immune solution, unaffected by changes in ambient lighting
  • Hassle-free and quick installation
Prime Benefits
  • Fast and accurate results
  • Great ease of surveillance
  • Customizable for a variety of applications
  • Configurable notifications / alarm system
  • No need of trained personnel for operation
Application Areas
  • Smart Attendance Monitoring
  • Material Identification
  • Face Recognition
  • Vehicle Detection and Classification
  • People Counting
  • Motion Detection