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Managed Services
Organizations nowadays want to adopt strategic methods for achieving effective and efficient day-to-day operations. Aftek provides a solution to manage your virtual infrastructure.
Virtual Infrastructure Management

The virtual infrastructure management system manages Virtual Machine(VM) from various virtualization vendors such as VMware, Microsoft virtual server and Xen.

This system manages online and offline VM images across the network. The system supports VMs on VMWare ESX server (2.5.x, 3.0.x, 3.5), VMWare virtual center (2.0 and 2.5), VMWare workstation (5.x and 6.x), Microsoft virtual server and XEN (3.2 and 3.3). The system keeps track of deployment data of VMs, configuration details, OS details, and application usage. It also ensures integrity and security of VMs using the smart patch distribution. The system manages the licenses for the operating systems and applications installed on the VM's.
The Need
A virtual network comprises of several virtual machines installed on various servers and desktop computers ranging from few hundreds to thousands in automation testing and data centers. Since VM image can be copied as a file, it becomes very easy for the user to create multiple copies or use the existing templates to create new ones. Managing these virtual machines over the network introduces challenges like complying with the license requirement and deploying security patches on them when the VM is in offline mode. Hence it is very cumbersome.
Technologies used
  • VMWare infrastructure
  • Microsoft virtual server
  • Xen server
  • MS .Net
  • SQL server
  • Crystal Reports
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The virtual infrastructure management system is an agent less .NET based windows application developed to manage VMs on the desktop computers as well as on virtual infrastructure. The system gathers information about installed software details, software versions, operating system details, and installed patches and generates compliance reports.

The virtual infrastructure management system
  • Provides single dashboard to manage VMs from various virtualization vendors such as VMware, Microsoft virtual server and Xen
  • Gathers VM details
  • Tracks the license usage for selected applications
  • Ensures integrity and security with efficient patch management
  • Provides search and filter for VM details on collected VM data
  • Provides facility to group and categorize the VM in single dashboard

Virtual Infrastructure Support
Virtual Infrastructure Support