Many of the embedded devices in the market need to go through lengthy hardware and software verification cycles. This process is time consuming and needs extra care to deliver defect free product. Since manual testing is an error prone and time consuming activity, we cannot completely rely on it. It is unreliable for delivering defect free products in the estimated time. It is particularly crucial and time critical when there are large number of devices for production.

Automated testing can help us achieve this goal. Automated testing tools save time and money of the vendor to deliver quality product on time.

Various automated tools are available in the market; but most of them are domain specific and cannot be customized. Aftek's TestJig is a handy tool. It provides a customized solution to reliably automate the complete testing cycle.

TestJig provides a solution to test embedded circuit boards and the software on the boards. This solution can be used for all types of testing including functional testing, regression testing and load testing.

Hardware testing mainly deals with the testing for production. It involves the testing of hardware interfaces for production go / no-go. It also includes the testing of the end product with software running on it. TestJig is useful for both production go / no-go testing and end product testing.


Using the TestJig solution, multiple boards can be tested simultaneously, it saves considerable verification time. See the illustration below. The Device Under Test (DUT) is connected to the Jig board through various interfaces. These Jig boards are controlled from the central server connected via wired or wireless LAN.

Setup, WLAN

Endurance testing for each hardware interface is possible through TestJig. The following hardware interfaces are supported currently: Ethernet ports, telecom ports, RS-485 ports, RS-232 ports, USB ports, Wireless ports. Testing is also supported for storage devices, RF devices, and Bluetooth devices.

As the number of interfaces on DUT may differ per product, Aftek provides customized hardware and software of Jig board as a part of the TestJig solution. It involves development of drivers, designing and manufacturing of Jig boards.

TestJig can measure the time required by an action performed by software. It can record readings at microsecond levels. These features help in optimizing the embedded software to deliver best performance.

The functional testing of software can be customized by writing Perl scripts. A fair knowledge of Perl scripting is sufficient for writing and executing the scripts on TestJig.

Aftek also provides support for manual and automated testing of various end products using TestJig. It involves the designing of test cases as per the requirements of product and the execution of whole test cycle. Quality of Service (QoS) and benchmark parameters are tested for the software functionalities under normal and load, stress conditions. Endurance tests can also be performed for the software.

The easy-to-use user interface provides good control over each DUT. The user can monitor and control the current testing activity performed on DUT from a central location. The reports generated at the central server help to analyze defects (if any).

Key benefits
  • Cost effective - Generated scripts eliminate the requirement for skilled resource to use TestJig.
  • Reliable - Precisely the same operations are performed each time when tests are run, thereby eliminating human error.
  • Repeatable - Testing the way software or hardware reacts under repeated execution of the same operations. These mundane tasks may cause human errors.
  • Reusable - You can reuse tests on different versions of application or hardware.
  • Reports - Consolidated reports are generated. These reports help to analyze failure conditions and their patterns in hardware and software for different scenarios.
  • Speed - Being an automated tool, it results in faster test execution, which become significantly beneficial for mass production.
  • Programmable - Sophisticated tests can be performed, that bring out hidden information from the application.
  • Comprehensive - You can build a suite of tests that covers every feature of an application.
Key skills
Languages and software technologies
  • C, C++
  • Perl scripting
  • .Net
  • TCP/IP protocol stack
  • Modbus
  • Bluetooth stack
Home Automation
TestJig has been used for testing various hardware interfaces for Aftek's Home Automation Framework. This framework endows apartments with features like home automation, safety, security and communication ...