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Work Culture

Our work culture reflects our values. Team work, passion and creativity abound in Aftek! Right from our CEO to a newly recruited Trainee, we think, act and deliver as a single team, to achieve common goals. We encourage innovation at every step and place. This unlimited creativity helps us find newer ways and means of achieving our goals. And everyone is totally charged with the passion of achieving our goals, come what may.

Our enthusiastic and spirited cricket team celebrates our victory!


However, all this would not be possible without the extraordinary work environment that we have created, nurtured and maintained over years. As you bring out the best in you, we make it a truly enjoyable and rewarding experience. Be it our annual picnic, where everyone from our tightly-knit family comes together to enjoy nature, have fun and get recharged to take on challenges at work, or be it Saturday cricket, where bowlers, batsmen and fielders sweat it out under the blazing Sun with competitive spirit, or be it afternoon lunch, where directors and employees share their Tiffin. It is this fellowship, sharing and caring that makes us what we are. It's our strength and we all are very proud of it.