ZigBee® Technology

ZigBee protocol stack and application development

Aftek is an early adapter of ZigBee technology and has developed a ZigBee based wireless home automaton solution. This solution is designed to meet the current requirement of wireless solutions for home and building automation. Aftek's ZigBee wireless network provides seamless way for wireless home automation today. It includes low power network devices ZigBee coordinator, routers and end devices like remote control, pendent.

Aftek engineers design and develop applications based on the public profiles provided by ZigBee Alliance like home control (lighting) and building automation. It offers complete interoperability with other devices that are designed using the same profile.

Aftek's development on ZigBee technology covers:

  • Development and optimization of ZigBee stack based upon IEEE 802.15.4 standard and ZigBee standards. Aftek excels in working on variants of ZigBee stacks like TI and Microchip.
  • Development of robust hardware platform based on Chipcon's ZigBee transceiver for network devices.
  • Development of wireless applications for home and building automation (security, HVAC, light-control) based on ZigBee standard.

Aftek offers:

  • Customized and optimized ZigBee compliant stack for selected platforms and applications.
  • Design and development of ZigBee devices including full function device (FFD), coordinator, reduced function device (RFD) for complete ZigBee technology based solution.
  • Integration of third party ZigBee transceivers, porting and support on various platforms.
  • ZigBee application development for different profiles like home control, building automation etc.

ZigBee is a registered trademark of ZigBee Alliance, Inc.
ZigBee Compliant Protocol Stack
  • Network layer
  • Application support sub-layer
  • ZigBee Device Objects (ZDO)
  • ZigBee Application Framework (AF)
  • MAC layer
  • Platform specific components (8/16/32 bit processors and RF transceiver)

The stack solutions that have been developed are easily portable across multiple processor platforms. They can also be used for implementing wireless solutions.

ZigBee Based Wireless Home Automation Solution
This solution incorporates home automation profile as per ZigBee standards. It includes development of ZigBee coordinator, router (full function device), and reduced function device functionalities to offer a complete wireless automation solution.