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Embedded Systems

Aftek has been providing state of art solutions in the embedded domain for more than 20 years in the areas like - consumer electronics, home automation, industrial automation, and audio-video systems. We also have rich experience in electronic product design.

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Embedded services Wireless system Security systems Smart card systems Audio video Analytics BSP Services Control and monitoring systems

Our proficiency in embedded technologies has helped us deliver solutions for industrial automation domain covering arenas such as data acquisition (sensors, barcode, RFID), process control (actuators, PLC), communication gateways(protocol gateways).

Our expertise in various domains including communications (wired and wireless), smartcards (contact and contact less) and multimedia (audio-video codecs) have helped us deliver quality solutions. We have designed and developed many consumer and industrial electronic device prototypes not only for different OEMs and ODMs, but also crafted various products of our own.

ZigBee is a registered trademark of ZigBee Alliance, Inc.
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Technology Expertise

Exploit our strengths to your advantage. Our expertise in technology adaptation and solution delivery will help you in cost effective development and quicker time to market.

  • GSM / GPRS
  • SIP
  • RF
  • Windows CE
  • Embedded Linux
  • Bluetooth
  • ZigBee®
  • VOIP
  • PLC
  • RFID