RF Devices

Aftek has expertise in the design and development of ISM band radio solutions for automation, control, and industrial applications.

Our RF engineers have extensive experience in developing high-quality RF solutions for a wide range of markets. We develop products and solutions that operate in the license free ISM band: 433 MHz and 2.4 GHz.

We also provide a high class wireless RF design service to develop custom RF solutions on behalf of our customers. Courtesy to our powerful and flexible firmware, our products and solutions can be easily adapted to various applications.

We have incorporated RF solutions in the following areas:
  1. Short range
      • Automation control (remote, key fob)
      • Safety (pendent)
      • Security (pin pad)
    The modules have been successfully integrated in the Digital Home Gateway (DHG) solution.
  2. Long range
      • RF (2.4 GHz) transceiver module for industrial application
    The module has been designed as a part of Mining Logistic System (MLS) solution.

The modules working in the license free ISM band can be easily integrated into your application; thereby reducing development time and cost.

We Offer
RF Based Solutions
  • Development of RF devices (short range and long range)
  • RF mesh networking
  • Third party RF device integration
  • Wireless sensors integration
RF (2.4GHz) Transceiver Module
A long range, compact transceiver module with advanced firmware capable of mesh networking...