Design Cycles
Hardware Design Cycles Hardware Design and Component Requirement Analyasis SystemIntegration and Testing Board Bring Up PCB Layout Schematic Design Certification and Compliance
Requirement Analysis

We have undertaken developments right from the requirement analysis for the project. The requirements from the customers may sometimes exclude some inter-related details and dependencies. We target discovering such loop-holes and add value for our clients.

Designing Hardware Architecture with Component and Chip selection

Our team works with utmost care at this stage of the project. Various design methodologies and their pros and cons are explored. Various design considerations including reliability, EMI, EMC, manufacturing, RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances), packages are taken care of while selecting chip components. The components include: memories, controllers, processors, and other critical components. Our team members are skilled and technically sound. We carefully comply with the latest industry standards and accurate interpretations while constructing the architecture designs.

Schematic Level Designing

Our technical experts carry out the schematic designs with a professional outlook, ensuring accuracy and reliability of the designs. These designs function in severe environments and render reusability and compatibility with various EDA tools.

PCB Layout Designing

We house a highly skilled team that designs PCB layout. We have designed up to 12 layer boards with blind and micro vias. Boards that need accuracy in microns are designed in-house with the help of standard EDA tools. Design for manufacturability is the prime focus of all designs. Our teams members calculate the form-factor and consider the placement of the critical component. It takes care of space constraints while designing the layout. SI analysis and considerations is followed in layout. Our key word for all designs is "first pass success".

Board Bring-up Program

We have dedicated team with a thorough understanding of the hardware components and lower level interfaces for the board bring-up program. We carry out bare-board testing for the fresh board batch, including open-short testing, testing individual sections via various test routines. We also perform rigorous testing for project modules, testing the modules for multiple scenarios like supply fluctuations, and conditional testing for inputs.

System Integration and Testing

Our teams makes thorough test cases to meticulously test the complete project in the integrated environment or the deployment environment. We check the complete system as well as the application of the module and perform an integrated system testing.

Certifications and Compliance

We design the boards keeping in mind certification and compliance considerations. Testing the system for various certifications is our chief objective in the design and development phase. It lends a quality assurance to our designs and services. To read more please see EMI/EMC and Certifications.

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