Bluetooth Services
End to end solution providing capability and expertise in Bluetooth domain has enabled Aftek to deliver diverse Bluetooth applications. Along with product development for clients, Aftek's Bluetooth team is continually exploring latest updates and advancements in Bluetooth specifications. By building in-house prototypes and contributing to the open-source development community, Aftek has remained abreast with the latest changes in technology and processes. Teamed with comprehensive Bluetooth expertise, we at Aftek offer Bluetooth services in different flavors.
Bluetooth Development services

Applications and SDK Development
Application and SDK development for the specified Bluetooth stack is provided across multiple platforms (embedded/PC based). Development can be done using third-party development environments such as Bluelab from CSR. It can also include third-party application integration.

Support for Feature Enhancements in Bluetooth Specification
Swift assistance is provided for implementing white papers released by Bluetooth SIG. Assistance is also provided to upgrade the existing system to the evolving Bluetooth specifications.

Firmware Development and Porting
Aftek offers device driver development and porting across embedded, Windows, Linux platforms.

Product Maintenance
Aftek handles the maintenance of legacy products by extending technical support for diagnostics, bug fixing, release management and feature extension.

Customer Support Services

Aftek offers support not only to clients but also their customers. It is effectively accomplished by resolving issues during and after the product–release phase. Additionally Aftek helps to carry out the development of the production–tool to accelerate the manufacturing process.

Our services include
  • Requirement analysis and execution of MMI, features customizations
  • Managing the product release by triggering and releasing official customer builds, creating and maintaining release notes
  • Handling customer reported queries, issues
  • Development of various manufacturing tools and user guides
  • Development of automation tools to accelerate customer support activities
  • Customer support for web based downloads
  • Providing onsite customer support
Bluetooth Testing Services

Bluetooth SIG has made the compliance with Bluetooth specifications and BQB certification mandatory for all Bluetooth enabled devices. It ensures interoperability across multiple devices from diverse manufacturers.

Aftek offers services right from identifying devices for interoperability testing, creating test plans, and writing automation scripts, system testing to certification. We extend our support not only for defect tracking and maintenance but also for precise defect analysis to help speed up debugging activity.

Aftek has carried out extensive testing for various Bluetooth devices like mobile phones, headsets, headphones, USB dongles and hands-free car kits.

Bluetooth Interoperability Testing
Aftek's manual and automated testing services ensure product interoperability with all other key products commercially available in the market. It is done by uncovering interoperability issues when the product is still under development. The interoperability test suites are executed with large number of identified Bluetooth devices along with regression and feature testing. It ensures increased coverage of compatibility verification.

System Testing
Aftek offers the following quality control services:
  • Test case design, test plan generation and execution
  • Defect reporting, analysis and tracking
  • Sanity, functional and performance testing
  • Scripting and automation for regression testing

Bluetooth Compliance Testing
Aftek carries out compliance testing for Bluetooth stacks and profiles by executing qualification tests using standard tools like Profile Tuning Suits (PTS).

  • Bluetooth sniffers - FTS, Merlin
  • Jeeni JTAG debugger
  • Spectrum analyzer
  • Anritsu BT tester
  • Audio interface tools of M-Audio
  • MOST optolyzer
  • Blue PiraT compact data logger
Testing Aspects
  • System testing
  • Regression
  • Interoperability
  • Stress testing
  • Performance
  • Compatibility
  • Localization
  • Compliance
Customer Support
  • MMI/Feature customization
  • Product release management
  • Customer co-ordination
  • Web based customer support
  • Manufacturing tools development
Headset Application
Aftek has contributed in development, testing and customization of firmware and application software to provide complete headset solution.
Car Kits Testing
Aftek contributed in compatibility testing of Bluetooth mobile phones with hands-free units of car kits using GSM network simulation.